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A couple photos of Will Flores from Lunchbox Party #2.

Message me if you’d like to get one!

i hope to be as great as a photographer as Mr.Mefford

Terry Cristanelli

Nollie Big Spin

Self portrait - Slappy 5-0

[p] Seth - street-treats

Slappy Sunday

Slappy Sunday.

Taking a break from the world and the planning of a new skateshop by me and @suicidebult , any suggestions let us know!

#slappysunday l #slappyhour l #slappymission l #skateshop l #skateboarding l #skatecurbs l #curbobsession l #redcurbobsession l #thankyouskateboarding


Transworld was kind enough to give me one of their Proof Sheets.

Click through for some of the photos I’ll have up at No Comply this Saturday, as well as those in my new issue of Lunchbox Party.

so hyped on this!




Backside rock and roll

Ian Young

Backside Melon Grab

every night shindigs.

chris brown is the center of all girls lives apparently

Black friday at the shop (localz only skateshop) we stayed the whole night and skated our mini ramp also took a brake in the gnarly fog

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